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hot tubs11207355_796349407109517_270978254821676177_nHot Tubs For Every Occasion

You will find an impressive selection of hot tubs in our Surrey showroom, some of which you are welcome to try as we will fill and warm any model. Generally we have at least ten hot tubs on display with one always ready to use. You will be able to see first hand the choice of jets, music systems, lights and seating arrangements. Picture yourself returning from a hard day’s work and kicking back in your own private luxury hot tub! Or imagine spending a romantic evening with your partner and a glass of champagne under the stars! Investing in a hot tub can have a positive effect on your health and lifestyle – the heat and massaging elements of a hot tub are hugely beneficial to people with aches and pains stemming from muscle and bone injuries, or other medical conditions such as diabetes, chronic fatigue and high blood pressure.We are proud of the selection we have put together and as such we are confident that you will enjoy browsing through the range and finding the perfect hot tub for you and your budget. Our knowledgeable team are on hand to answer all of your questions and help you decide on the perfect spa for your needs. We are also in a position to help, if required, with electrics, ground-work, landscaping, and crane deliveries. Experienced tub users can also make use of our extensive spa accessory area, stocked to the brim with spa fragrances, cleaning products, sanitising and balancing chemicals plus a large selection of hot tub filters.

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The Vita Spa 300-series…“great value without compromising style”

The Vita Spa 500-series… “family favourites with something for everyone”

The Vita Spa 700-series… “the ultimate hydrotherapy experience”


 Hot Tubs Sourced From The Very Best Suppliers

At Pools & Spas Windlesham we are in the fortunate position to be able to hand pick the spa providers we wish to promote and sell. Consequently we have access to many brands such as Vita, Dynasty, Beachcomber, Cove and Garden Leisure; each providing unique qualities that we think justify their place in our showroom. These American built hot tubs, give our customers confidence in their build quality backed by long standing company histories and generous warranties. At present our showroom has ten different models from the increasingly popular Vita Spa range. The unique insulation and build of these hot tubs has taken Vita to the top of the market place out selling many rivals over the last four to five years. Please look at their web page listed below or pop in to our Windlesham showroom to see just how good they are.

Vita Spa hot tubs are fast becoming one of the UK’s leading brands with a fantastic selection of models ranging in price from £3,995 to £16,495. The “Prestige” is currently the best seller, priced at £8,495, and is part of Vita’s 500 series with 5-6 seats including a lounger. This hot tub is a match for any other hot tub in the same price bracket and is the perfect family spa for everyone to enjoy. Those wanting the ultimate hydrotherapy spa with fantastic value for money should look no further than Vita’s 700 series. Included in this series is the “Rendezvous“, at £14,995, with its amazing programmable, couples and all seater configuration.



We also have a large selection of accessories to suit all hot tubs add a little extra to your spa experience. Here are just a few some customers added to their purchase. Please click here to go to our full spa accessory page.