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For many people, unwinding in a sauna following a gym session or in a health club is a luxurious experience. With our expansive range of saunas, you can enjoy your very own sauna from the comfort of your home. Saunas have been used for generations to improve health and wellbeing and are still encouraged today by doctors and physicians to aid the body’s immune system and muscle conditioning. Here at Pools and Spas Windlesham we have a large selection of quality indoor and outdoor saunas which make use of traditional heating methods as well as infrared technology to create an environment that benefits the users’ health and relaxation.

The positive effects of owning your own sauna include detoxification, weight loss, pain relief, as well as maintaining good skincare, reducing cellulite levels and boosting your immune system. Our Physiotherm infrared range of saunas have been designed to provide a more comfortable temperature than conventional saunas with a more enjoyable experience which subsequently aids the healing qualities given by the revolutionary lava filled heating elements. Their state of the art designs have made them the chosen sauna cabins of many of the country’s leading health and sports clubs.

Physiotherm effect

Why Infrared?

Health benefits: low temp, more relaxing, cheaper to run, great for elderly people and people that don’t like the excessive heat of traditional sauna and steam rooms. Can be located anywhere inside house, normal plug, no humidity, no plumbing or extractor fans needed, easier to install, can be easily relocated to new location. Individual seat controls. MP3 can use Ipad, TV inside or mobile phone. Touch screen pre-set health programs.

Is it safe?

Used by Center Parcs, Champneys etc, Olypmic Atheletes , sports physios, hopsitals etc
Safe for pregnant women , children under supervision, elderly people. Only people with high fever or inflammations, open wounds on back should not use.

Why Physiotherm Infrared?

Market leader, 19 years research, trusted by top athletes Olympians etc, 5600 hotels and spas, built to last lifetime guarantee, Vast experience developing products from commercial premises gyms, spa, hotels etc.
“Lifetime partnership” “Once in lifetime purchase” “Save money on spa treatments, massages etc.” “Invest in your future Health”


No more expensive than comparable sauna or steam room, more reliable, much cheaper to run, no pre-heating. Constructed in Austria to highest standards, lifetime guarantee even on commercial use.

Still Unsure of Benefits?

In over 5600 Hotels, Centre Parcs thousands of people use then when they visit, 7000 a year sales to Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Premiership footballers, Olympians etc. Why not visit our Windlesham showroom to find out more…01344-873323