End Of Season Hot Tub Sale

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End of Season Hot Tub Sale Our end of season hot tub sale has started. We are offering some amazing discounts on our ex-display showroom models as well as substantial savings on any stock models. Call us on 01344-873323 to reserve one and give yourself and your family an early Christmas present. Vita Prestige 5/6 seater 32amp £10,495 reduced to £9,495 Vita Salon 5 seater twin lounger 32amp £11,495 reduced to £10,495 Reef Tinian 5/6 seater 32amp £8,495 reduced to £7,745

Garden Transformation

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The past two years have seen a massive increase in garden transformations with many turning to us for help with pool build ideas and products. We have numerous contacts to call upon, depending on the style of pool required, to provide the expertise to take an unused area of garden and transform it into a fantastic dynamic entertaining zone that the whole family can enjoy. The pictures attached show one design that we were happy to help with where the customer used "Heat Form" panels to create a stunning, eco-friendly pool shell and then

New Stock – Inflatable Bubble Spa

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Pure Spa Bubble- 4 seater Robust and quick to set up the Pure Spa Bubble from Intex is suitable for regular family use. The operational panel is straightforward giving you easy control over the heating and jets, and the lid makes sure that heat doesn’t escape overnight. Maximum fun with minimum effort! Reserve your spa now for just £699. Call 01344-873323 Lavershot Barns GU206LL (Collection only). Key Features The bubble jets - The pure spa hot tub has 120 high-powered jets in total. Heating and

Staycation Summer

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With the current lockdown situation due to the "Corona Virus" pandemic our homes and gardens have become the focal point for a lick of paint, that shelf that needed putting up or numerous other DIY jobs that we suddenly have time to do. But what about us! Our wellbeing! There is no such thing as a weekend any more, not much chance of a summer holiday and no relaxation to be had at the gym or spa hotel. Perhaps this is why we are receiving more hot tub enquiries than ever before. If ever

Invest in Summer Fun

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Maybe now is the perfect time to invest in some summer fun year after year. Instead of buying another pop up paddling pool or trying to find where you put all the bits when you packed it away last year why not have a proper above ground pool option. There are some great pool packages available (BUT SELLING FAST!)_just visit our above ground pool page by clicking here. We have customers that say it's the best investment they ever made as not only is it a great place to exercise but the kids have somewhere to relax

The Bug Zapper

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Crystal clear spa water is what we all want when ready to relax in the spa after a hard day at work. So wouldn't it be great if there was product that could help this happen. Introducing the new "Clean Zone Ultra" UV + Ozone unit fitted to all 700 series Vita spas. The system known as AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process) has evolved from the traditional way of helping with the sanitation using UV 0r Ozone individually to combining the two technologies to create a super charged bug zapper. It does this through the creation of hydroxyl

Time to put your pool to bed!

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It's always a sad time of year but inevitably the outdoor pools require putting to bed for the winter. On the whole it's been a good summer with most pool owners reaping the benefits of having somewhere to relax and cool off. However the nights are drawing in and the leaves are becoming a nuisance so it's time to remember where you stashed the winter cover and get the pool ready for hibernation. Alternatively our experienced pool engineers will clean and chemically dose your pool to make sure the water stays clear and clean through the winter

How Good Is Your Hot Tub Insulation?

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I recently had a customer remark on how effective the insulation must be in their new Vita Elegant hot tub. It had snowed the day before and a two inch layer of snow had formed on top of the cover which despite the hot tub water temperature being 38 degrees had not melted or been effected in any way. This is an important test for any hot tub but unfortunately, although sales people will tell you how efficient their hot tubs are, it is not until moments like this that it really becomes

Teenage Time At Home

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The teenage years are tricky to navigate not just for the teenager but for the parents as well . The teenager wants independence and the parents just want to know their child is safe. The problem is when they head out to a party or gathering it's out of the parents control and the statistics are not good concerning drinking or some drugs. It is little wonder then that many of our customers are buying a hot tub with this problem at the front of their minds. They create an

What Did The Romans Do For Us?

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Warm water therapies have proven effective throughout the centuries. Greeks enjoyed mineral and thermal water baths as early as 500BC. The ancient Romans were so convinced of the therapeutic value of thermal water that for 600 years their medical treatments were almost exclusively centered on the Baths. Spas and bathhouses have long been popular in Egypt, Finland, Germany, Spain and Turkey. Massage works to relax muscles and relieve pressure on nerves. It also boosts circulation and accelerates the body's natural healing process. It's used to promote relaxation, release accumulated stress, and gently stretch connective tissues. Hydro-therapeutic massage

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