Crystal clear spa water is what we all want when ready to relax in the spa after a hard day at work. So wouldn’t it be great if there was product that could help this happen. Introducing the new “Clean Zone Ultra” UV + Ozone unit fitted to all 700 series Vita spas. The system known as AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process) has evolved from the traditional way of helping with the sanitation using UV 0r Ozone individually to combining the two technologies to create a super charged bug zapper. It does this through the creation of hydroxyl radicals, the most reactive oxidisers safe for human use.
This technology is actually found all around us within the make up of our atmospheric chemistry constantly cleaning the air we breathe from pollutants. However it has only recently been combined to help clean jacuzzi and swimming pool water. The new oxidising potential of the hydroxyl radicals from the UV/ Ozone combination is massively improved and much, much faster than the individual elements of UV and Ozone on their own.
So even more reason to relax!