The Perfect Match

From the traditional to the very latest we have your hot tub covered keeping the elements off and leaving you free to enjoy your spa.
Our selection of automated covers will enhance your spa area and add to the enjoyment of each relaxing moment.

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    The Covana Hot Tub Cover

    Covana Surrey, Covana Hampshire, Covana Middlesex

    The new Covana Horizon is the latest automated hot tub cover in the Covana family. All the covers provide the user with so much more than conventional spa covers….Available in Mocha or Slate and fit most hot tubs currently on the market. Prices start from £4,995 which is comparable to many other hot tub structures but look at these benefits….

    • Locks to prevent intruders.
    • Provides you peace of mind when you are away to ensure no one enters your spa.
    • Can’t blow off in the wind.
    • Allows your teenagers in your spa when you want them there – not when they want.
    • Ease of use and ease of entry.
    • Simple turn of a key, you can enjoy your spa in even the worst weather.
    • Green and easy on the environment.
    • Life of a traditional hot tub cover is 2-3 years. Covana covers will last the life of your spa.
    • Covana covers are a sealed unit thereby keeping chemicals, heat and water loss to a minimum.
    • Stands up to heavy snow loads. All the covers hold up to 60lbs of snow load.
    • Has shades for the utmost in privacy.
    • When closed, the Covana covers do not obstruct your garden view. When relaxing in your spa, your view is also not obstructed.
    • The Covana covers are not permanent structure and do not require planning consent.
    • The Covana is a sealed unit keeping bugs, leaves and dirt out.

    Price excludes delivery and installation £695.

    Remanso Luxury Pergolas 

    Create the ultimate outdoor living space. Constructed from heavy duty powder coated aluminium with fully automatic electric opening & closing louvre style roof. Allows the light & breeze in when open, protects from the sun or the rain when closed. Includes LED roof lighting as standard.

    Available with optional automatic blinds £995 each. All operated via remote control.  Perfect for a hot tub tub or garden furniture!

    Remanso 3m x 3m x 2.5m £5,495
    Remanso 4m x 3m x 2.5m £6,495
    Remanso 6m x 3m x 2.5m £8,495

    Remanso 2022 Brochure

    Delivery and Installation
    Remanso Pergolas can only be installed by an authorised dealer and are not designed for customer self-build.
    It is essential that the patio area/base is 100% level. Additional delivery and installation cost £750.

    Remanso Roof Operation Video

    Remanso Blind Operation Video