Hot Tubs in Ascot

Our best selling hot tub to the town of Ascot over the last few years has been the Vita Vivre. Although across the range the Vita Prestige hot tub is the best seller it seems that customers in the Ascot area want something that offers a little bit more in terms of hydrotherapy and functionality. The new more powerful dual speed pumps that have been added to the 700 series are a big differentiator but also the status light that tells the customer when the hot tub is in perfect condition or if the filters need cleaning seem to be a big influence. Add to that the pedestal lighting and the new clean zone incorporating UV with Ozone and it’s easy to see why for a bit more money customers are happy to upgrade. The perfect combination of seventy five targeted or spinning hydrotherapy jets in a spacious seven foot spa has always made the Vita Vivre hot tub a customer favourite but these recent additions have taken it to another level and looks amazing in the typical Ascot gardens we visit.

There is a definite equine feel to Ascot and the surrounding areas from the world famous race course to numerous stables and training paddocks in the adjacent towns and hamlets. Ascot race course is the centre piece to it all especially since the addition of it’s impressive grand stand completed in 2006 and attracts visitors from all over the world with the highlight being Ascot week held in June each year. Our hot tub deliveries often have to negotiate the traffic created by over 300,000 people trying to get in or out of the Ascot race course during Royal Ascot week. The Queen however has no such issues with traffic as she makes her way to Ascot from nearby Windsor Castle aboard the impressive horse drawn Royal carriages that make their way through Windsor Great Park through the small area of Ascot called Cheapside and approach the grandstand from the East entrance. The Queen maintains the tradition of attending almost every day with the highlight of the racing card being the Gold Cup, a flat race covering over two miles of Ascot turf. The race was first held in 1807 in the presence of King George and Queen Charlotte and has been the main one to win amongst jockeys ever since with Lester Piggott bagging an amazing eleven victories.

More recently the popularity of the town of Ascot has come via a television reality series aired on ITV during 2018. Viewers to the show are given a taste of the extravagant lifestyles portrayed by the equally extravagant cast who on numerous occasions find themselves enjoying the benefits of a hot tub or spa.

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