The makers of the industry leading Vita Spa brand, Maax Spas, show just why their hot tubs are built for a lifetime of use and why other brands are having to take note. A Vita Spa hot tub is not only a luxurious hydrotherapy zone but a well conceived product built to the highest specifications with care taken at every stage of production. The accompanying video illustrates the build strength of each spa and the companies’ continual commitment to providing maximum energy efficiency. Unlike other brands Vita hot tubs are classed as “appliance grade” and as such can be returned to factory condition at any point in their lifespan. This is primarily due to the removable wall of insulation they use. Access to all areas of the spa is available and therefore repairs can be carried out more easily and with less inconvenience to the customer.

Why not pop over to our Windlesham based hot tub showroom where we have over ten spas on display. We can show you first hand the build quality of the Vita Spa hot tub range. We’ll show you their steel frame construction and their patented insulation.

Last year I was fortunate enough to visit their factory in Arizona and see for myself the attention to detail taken with every hot tub made. It’s not surprising other brands are struggling to keep up with Vita Spa.