Hot Tubs in Camberley

One of the hot tub brands we sell, Vita Spa, is one of a group of hot tub manufacturing brands owned by Maax Spas, based in Chandler Arizona. At one point Maax Spas had five hot tub brands in its portfolio including Vita, Elite, California Cooperage, LA Spas and Maax but this year announced that it would be streamlining the company and reducing its hot tub production to just two brands. The Vita Spa brand would stay as the sales in this hot tub provider had out performed all the other brands put together. This created an opportunity to re-invent and re-brand the best of the rest. The new brand name, American Whirlpool would be made up of the best selling hot tubs from the four dissolved brands and would sit along side the Vita brand and all be manufactured from the same hot tub assembly plant in Chandler. Our Camberley customers should now benefit from the manufacturing focus of just two hot tub companies both of which will promote the same advances in heat retention given by the recycled blue jean material used and the reflective copper foil layer that is incorporated in the hot tub cover and surround. All top of the range models from both brands will also feature their new “Cleanzone” water purification system, which combines the benefits of Ozone with UV.

Having grown up in Camberley it continues to be my favourite destination for our hot tub deliveries. Memories of the schools at Ravenscoat and Tomlinscote come flooding back even though much of the area has developed beyond recognition over the years. The garden of one of our recent hot tub installations backed on to Camberley Heath Golf Club, which reminded me of the many years working as a caddy there. I then took up the game and joined Camberley Heath as a junior golfer. How I wish I had owned a hot tub back then to improve my muscle condition and flexibility.

I am sure it would have improved my golf.

Camberley has grown considerably with new housing estates popping up everywhere. Some of these new plots have limited access for a traditional hot tub delivery and several recent installations to a new development just off The Maultway, to the east of Camberley, needed a crane to lift the hot tub over the house. Other areas like Crawley Hill, close to Camberley town centre, present different challenges as the sloping gardens require more considered hot tub deliveries sometimes involving scaffold boards, air bags and many pairs of hands to help push. I am sure our existing Camberley hot tub customers appreciate the lengths we go to to ensure the delivery of their chosen spa.

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