Hot Tubs in Farnham

Create your own private spa zone in your own back yard.

There is nothing better than returning home after a busy day and immersing yourself in your own therapeutic hot tub. The Vita range has hot tubs to suit any garden space in the Farnham area from smaller “plug and play” spas to much bigger all singing all dancing swim spas for that extra wow factor. Visit our showroom, near Farnham, any day of the week and choose from a selection of more than ten hot tubs on display.

We will happily talk you through the benefits associated with each hot tub and the purpose of specifically designed seats that target different muscle groups to provide the ultimate massage experience. Most of our Farnham customers have opted for a family sized hot tub that provides good massage with the fun element provided by the lights, bubbles and Bluetooth stereo. They have also generally bought a spa with a lounger option like our Vita Prestige or Reef Titian hot tubs giving the user a full body massage as hydrotherapy jets target the feet, calves, thighs, back and neck. Our free of charge, no obligation, site visit will determine the access available for the hot tub delivery and consequently the size of hot tub available (although our crane service can lift any spa up and over the house).

So come and see us any time to discuss your own personal requirements and within a few weeks you’ll be sending your Farnham neighbours green with envy when they see your new investment.

Whenever we deliver a hot tub to a customer living in Farnham I always take the opportunity to grab some lunch at this amazing sandwich shop based on Castle Street right in the centre of the town. Not only is the food good but the scenery is stunning with so much character and history. The majestic Farnham Castle stands proudly overlooking the town, which it has done for nine hundred years and is now one of the last remaining “Keep” examples of its kind in England. Built originally by the Bishop of nearby Winchester the castle has always been and continues to be the focal point of Farnham life.

From the outset the town of Farnham has had a close association with water. A section of the River Wey forms the valley it nestles in and numerous streams and springs provide marshy conditions in certain areas. It is thought that the Romans may have settled in Farnham around AD100, which would make sense given their appreciation for hydrotherapy and the benefits that spas provide. Since then Farnham has featured many times in English history notably when the town was used as a meeting point for Royalists during the English Civil War. Later Oliver Cromwell would use Farnham Castle for private meetings and a place to stay when in the area.

Today, Farnham is a thriving market town with easy transportation links to Winchester and London. The addition of the A331 provides a quick dual-carriageway route to the M3 and easy access to the region’s main spa suppliers which is perhaps why so many of our Farnham customers found it so easy to find our hot tub showroom.

So we look forward to many more hot tub installation in and around the Farnham area especially if I get to visit the historic cobbled streets again and take in the history this beautiful place provides.

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