Incredible range of Hot Tubs in Guildford

Hot tubs that provide you with your very own therapy zone!

Imagine arriving home after a tiring day or week and needing to walk no further than your patio to enjoy the benefits of a relaxing warm water massage. Our range of hot tubs are engineered specifically to provide the user with the best possible variation of hydrotherapy from “reflexology” style jets to ones promoting a more intensive form of massage. Add to this the soothing aqua glow lighting and some background music and you have everything needed to drift into a calmer stress free state of mind. Our hot tub showroom has ten spas on display from the smaller “plug and go” options to much bigger family sized spas with up to seven seats. It is always a good idea to try out the hot tubs, with or without water, just to ensure the seating is suitable and the jets are targeting the right muscle groups. We can have any hot tub in our showroom ready for a wet test within a 24 hour notice period. Just let us know which one you want to try. It is also worth considering the main use for the spa whether it is for social use, fun for the kids or therapeutic relief for joints and muscles. This will help us guide you through the process of choosing the right hot tub for you especially if there are particular muscles you want to target like the lumbar area of the lower back or knotted muscles in the shoulder and neck area. Other considerations would be the size of the area intended for the hot tub, the access available for delivery and the power availability from the fuse board.

All of these questions we would happily cover during a site survey or in person when you visit our showroom.

The town of Guildford in Surrey has a long association with water ever since the early Saxon’s made use of the ford crossing the River Wey. This led to Guildford becoming a prosperous market town with a network of waterways that linked it to neighboring towns. The addition of the Wey Navigation completed in 1653 boosted Guildford’s trade links further giving commercial access to the River Thames and into London. Later the Basingstoke Canal would further broaden Guildford’s reach with additional potential business opportunities right across the south on England.

In the center of Guildford sits the Town Mill where once again the power of water was put to good use. Built in 1295 this important landmark was powered by three external water wheels enabling a corn milling business that would cement Guildford’s position as one of the most important and strategic market towns outside of London.

Today Guildford is still one of the most important towns in the region with businesses of every description wanting to tap into the commercial opportunities provided there. It is no surprise that, according to a list published in 2011, five of the top 500 global companies have set up offices in the town. The knock-on effect of this increases the demand for a skilled workforce and additional housing in surrounding suburbs with a population of nearly 146,000 people inhabiting the wider area of the Borough of Guildford. This well populated area with predominately semi-detached or detached housing has for many years been one of our best hot tub sales areas. Access to garden space has generally been easy with only a few occasions where a crane has been necessary. We recently improved our position as one of the leading hot tub suppliers in Guildford by presenting at the popular Surrey County Show situated at Stoke Park just a mile from Guildford town centre. The show, which has been running for many years, is the biggest one day agricultural show in the UK and attracts more than 30,000 visitors a year. Of all the shows we go to around the south of England the Guildford show is by far the most rewarding and strengthens our connection with the town as one of its leading hot tub suppliers.

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