Hot Tubs in Reading

It has never been more popular to take control of your personal wellness than to have your own hot tub at your disposal. Like reading a good book, a relaxing half hour in the hot tub is a moment of tranquility away from the stresses of everyday life. Not only will your joints and muscles be soothed by the invigorating hydrotherapy jets but the mood lighting will influence the way you feel. I have been reading up on the ancient art of chromo therapy, practiced since early Egyptian times, and found it adds an extra dimension to your hot tub experience with each colour designed to help differing conditions. The colour pink helps with digestion, depression, colds and flu while green is said to help with insomnia, heart conditions, skin irritations and high blood pressure. Red helps with stress and rheumatism and blue with cramps and headaches.

A study from the University of Reading suggested that a hot tub bather would naturally select a colour to suit their mood or health requirements and that instinctively the body knows which colour is likely to help.

So there is more to a hot tub than just warm bubbly water and the engineers that have designed our range of hot tubs have looked at and incorporated every conceivable benefit to the bather.

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With a history dating back to the eighth century Reading has been a prominent and influential town in the south of England. Nestled in the Thames valley it is perfectly positioned to gain commercial access to other major cities like Bristol and London.

The building of the Great Western Railway was a significant advancement for Reading and from here the town saw tremendous growth. It is now a popular destination for shopping and commerce and hosts major events like the Reading half marathon and the Reading music festival. Consequently Reading has been ranked as one of the top economic centers in the country and attracts a broad spectrum of businesses.

The Oracle centre is a prime example of Reading’s ability to keep pace with the changing times. This modern, multi-purpose indoor shopping mall provides a variety of shops and restaurants for the population of Reading and further a field. Having developed as a busy modern town it is only natural for those living in Reading to look at ways to relax and unwind. However, while there are places like Nirvana Spa located a few miles from central Reading with its own hot tub experience and floatation pool many prefer to have their own personal hot tub located in the privacy of their garden.

Perhaps this is why Reading has become one of our best selling areas for the range of hot tubs we offer and being local we are also able to provide an after care service that all customers appreciate.

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