Hot Tubs in Windsor

Perhaps you have just returned home from a prolonged and intense business meeting or you have spent the afternoon playing a competitive game of five a side football. Maybe you have been walking the streets of Windsor enjoying the architecture or looking for that ideal gift. All of these moments of every day life require energy and effort, which can be quite draining physically and emotionally. This is where a hot tub comes into its own as a place to unwind at the end of a busy day. Let the various hydrotherapy jets reinvigorate your muscles and let the warm water soothe your joints and get you ready to do it all over again. All our hot tubs are designed with this purpose in mind providing the ultimate escape from life’s daily routine.

So sit back in your preferred seat, turn on the jets and play your favourite music through the Bluetooth stereo built into the shell of the hot tub. The marine grade waterproof speakers coupled with a powerful sub-woofer provide a high quality sound that is the envy of other brands.

As the sun sets over Windsor there is no better way to end the day.

With a population of over thirty two thousand Windsor has developed from a small market town to an influential and historic borough to the west of London. Its early existence came when William the Conqueror built a motte and bailey castle in 1070. From this period onwards the castle has been the focal point of the town attracting visitors, especially royal visitors to Windsor.

This close association with the Royal household made Windsor a very wealthy town through the middle ages and attracted various merchants to ply their trade and grow their businesses. Royal visitors would also be treated to the hunting opportunities given by Windsor Great Park. This Royal park extended south from Windsor Castle and became a favourite destination for Royal deer hunts and jousts.

Windsor castle was developed further by King Edward the third in the mid thirteenth century and was later added to by King Henry the eighth in the late fifteenth century.

However, it was not until the reign of Queen Victoria that Windsor was transformed into a internationally known town as many heads of state would inevitably visit the Queen during her residence from eighteen hundred and forty.

More recently, Windsor has been the chosen site for some high profile Royal weddings including just this year the marriage of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Guests from all over the world were invited with many of them staying locally at Coworth Park Hotel and enjoying the Polo fields and spa within the grounds.

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