Maybe now is the perfect time to invest in some summer fun year after year. Instead of buying another pop up paddling pool or trying to find where you put all the bits when you packed it away last year why not have a proper above ground pool option. There are some great pool packages available (BUT SELLING FAST!)_just visit our above ground pool page by clicking here.

We have customers that say it’s the best investment they ever made as not only is it a great place to exercise but the kids have somewhere to relax and have fun which in the current climate is just what’s needed. All the pools come with their own filtration pack to help provide crystal clear water which simply plugs in and circulates the water. The pool itself can be easily constructed with the only ground preparation being a levelled area of sand. The larger pools have buttress supports which will need securing to the ground and a larger steel ring wall which gets bolted to the posts. Once the outer structure is in place, the liner is clipped to the top edge, a hole cut for the skimmer and return and then filled ready for use. Some customers then go the extra mile by decking up to the pool edge and giving the illusion of a sunken in-ground pool.

If you are in any doubt, just give us a call and we can either send you information about the construction or photos of other customer creations.