With the current lockdown situation due to the “Corona Virus” pandemic our homes and gardens have become the focal point for a lick of paint, that shelf that needed putting up or numerous other DIY jobs that we suddenly have time to do. But what about us! Our wellbeing! There is no such thing as a weekend any more, not much chance of a summer holiday and no relaxation to be had at the gym or spa hotel. Perhaps this is why we are receiving more hot tub enquiries than ever before. If ever we needed a touch of luxury to de-stress and take a moment it’s now. Customers are preparing their garden space for the spa relaxation zone they always wanted and once it’s delivered your oasis of tranquility will be ready and waiting every day. Let the warm water and massage jets soothe away the tension in your muscles and reinvigorate your state of mind. Feel better. Sleep better. Plus the kids will find it more fun than a video game!

We are conducting personalised video calls with prospective customers giving them a one to one tour of the hot tub range we sell. All aspects of the benefits of each model are covered including the running costs and automatic cleaning systems. Once you have chosen your perfect spa we can arrange everything else from groundwork and electrician to full installation.

So now is the time to invest in this summer but enjoy it for many summers and winters to come! Call us on 01344-873323 to book your personalised video tour and start enjoying your staycation.

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