Swimming Pool, Hot Tubs & Jacuzzi Maintenance in Sunningdale

Swimming pool owners of all varieties be it indoor or outdoor will understand the time and effort it takes to keep their pool water looking its best and ready for use. Based conveniently in the Sunningdale Ascot area we are perfectly situated to offer our pool maintenance service. We will provide a weekly or fortnightly pool service check and take the stress away from you. Each visit we will vacuum the pool, backwash the pool filter and check the water chemistry to ensure that your swimming pool is ready to use when you are. Also, as we already conduct many pool service visits to the Sunningdale area we are always passing by if needed to pop in quickly to check something or adjust the chemical balance. Our pool service van is equipped with everything required for each Sunningdale visit plus we also keep an emergency stock on board of pool chemicals like chlorine. Alternatively our Sunningdale customers can find everything they need at our Windlesham pool shop. We have a full range of chemicals from FiClor and Acti as well as pool equipment from Certikin and Zodiac. Our plumbing section has all the necessary pipe connection for a typical Sunningdale pool from 1.5 inch to 2 inch fittings. Most of the pools we visit in the Sunningdale area use a Sta-Rite filtration pump and we therefore carry this brand of pump as our main stock covering all sizes. One of our best selling products is sodium hypochlorite, which many pool owners favour as their regular shock application. We stock both 10 litre and 20 litre options.

If you need us to come and look at your pool our Sunningdale pool service run is every Thursday and incorporates pools on Titlarks Hill, West Drive, along the A30 and Church Road but we would obviously provide an alternative day if necessary.

We also specialise in Hot tub and Jacuzzi cleaning, equipment and various other services.