Swimming Pool, Hot Tubs & Jacuzzi Maintenance in Wentworth

This gated residential area in Virginia Water, Surrey, home to the prestigious Wentworth Golf Club, is one of our most frequented destinations for swimming pool service calls. Whether it be indoor or outdoor pool servicing most of the residencies here have one or the other, sometimes both. Consequently we are often found navigating our way across the three golf courses via West Drive or Portal Road or any number of other inter-linking routes that criss-cross the estate. Our reputation for a discreet, punctual and professional service provides many word of mouth referrals and our connections with other services like safety cover repair or air handling equipment means we can deal with any enquiry.
Many of our clients have a spa or jacuzzi accompanying their pool and again our expertise in this area comes in handy for sourcing spare parts and general maintenance. We offer a combined pool and spa visit to our Wentworth customers saving them money and administration.
There are always some tricky moments when trying to explain to golf course marshals that we need access to the Wentworth estate to service swimming pools and that watching the golf, especially when the PGA Tournament is being played, is not what we are there for. Sometimes physically pointing out the signage on our van is required to get the message across. Having said that it’s nice to see them tee off from the 15th on the West course as we make our way further into the estate :)