The teenage years are tricky to navigate not just for the teenager but for the parents as well . The teenager wants independence and the parents just want to know their child is safe. The problem is when they head out to a party or gathering it’s out of the parents control and the statistics are not good concerning drinking or some drugs. It is little wonder then that many of our customers are buying a hot tub with this problem at the front of their minds. They create an area where their children can relax in the comfort of their own garden and socialise with their friends in a safe environment away from gadgets and peer pressure. One customer with three teenage daughters said she would at least know where they were and the fact that the girls still love the hot tub several years later suggests it was a worthwhile purchase. It gave them a place to escape to and chat amongst friends.

Did you know that a recent study showed that nearly 60% of all teens gave communication as the main reason for going on-line and this communication consisted mainly of abbreviated sentences or emojis. Giving your teenager the space to talk face to face with his or her friends has got to be beneficial to their ability to engage and to their overall wellbeing. With so much talk at the moment about anxiety in younger people and the pressures they face it makes sense to create an area where they can just hang out perhaps not even realising that the hot tub will de-stress them and make them sleep better. The connection with home and their outdoor space extends to when they have left to go to college or University. It’s somewhere they want to return to and relax with friends.

Plus there is no reason why the parents can’t enjoy it when the kids aren’t using it!

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